2016 Moments

I was getting ready to ride the trainer today and my phone screen went black and no music played. My mind was free to wander. It is New Years Eve and it seemed fitting to go over the past year while I spun my legs. It was a good one, really good. While I rode I thought about the key moments, here they are.


It all started with a drive across the country with the one and only McNeely. This was a drive to Victoria, BC where I put in hard work to prepare for the season. This beauty was taken somewhere in North Dakota.

Elite Men's Podium Photo Credit: Kevin Light - CBC Olympics

First race, first podium of the year and I kept it rolling from there. Photo Credit: Kevin Light


That is what being satisfied after a race looks like. 13th at Sea Otter, heavy.

Andrew LEsperance (Canada)

Going to Worlds was pretty great, having a good ride there was even better. My last MTB Worlds were in 2010 so it took a few years, but I was back and excited. Photo Credit: Canadian Cyclist

I am in there too!

I am in there too! My first Canada Cup win and an amazing day on the bike with teammates. Norco Factory Team 1-2-3. No words for this one.

It takes a team. Fun ride the morning after.

These people <3


Pro XCT Podium, 4th at Windam HC with a strong field of Europeans.



The whole experience with this very special girl. She is my favorite.


The training this fall has been all time. Camp Guthrie in Kelowna, Victoria at Bear Mountain and Half Moon Bay, California.


Getting to wake up to this and spending quality time in Nova Scotia with my Mom, Dad, bothers, nieces and friends.

2017 is around the corner and I am beyond excited for everything it will bring. I am thankful for everyone that made 2016 so good. Happy New Year.


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