Bear Mountain

Is this going to be the introduction? Is this going to be the first chapter of my story this year? Is this going to be the first post in a series where I have this amazing season and reach all my goals? Who knows. I don’t know and I’m not worried about it.

“…the APPROACH IS THE DESTINATION… and we are NEVER finished.” -Matthew McConaughey

All I need to do is focus on what I can control, trust my training and ride my bike.


My boys and I Creative Credit: Jay Wallace

This past weekend I did my best race in a while, maybe ever.  It was Bear Mountain Canada Cup held just outside Victoria, BC. This was a ‘home’ race for me since I have been living in Victoria since the beginning of January with my girlfriend Haley Smith and teammate Evan McNeely. I came out here to train full-time with my coach Dan Proulx as part of the Bear Mountain National Training Center. This is the new home for Canada’s National Mountain Bike Team and I’ve been training as part of Coach Dan’s Elite group. We have focused workouts 5-6 times a week. It is a really great environment, it makes the hard work easier and when you are training with the best, you all push each other to be better. I am always learning, I am always being challenged and I get instant feedback on how I am doing.

The day before the race I was VERY nervous. I think I was especially nervous for a couple reasons. First off, it was the season opener and coming into the excitement of the race environment is a shock to the system. Secondly, I was nervous because I knew I had a shot to do well. I knew that I put in a lot of really good, focused work since October and I was riding well. I had proved this to myself in training. That was the hardest part of the race, the lead up to the event.


Evan and I working together in the first half of the race. We have been training together for the last 2 months so it was pretty natural racing with him. Photo Credit: Jay Wallace

My teammate Evan McNeely and I finished 4th and 5th. We were less than 2 min from the leaders at the finish and I was just 2 sec off 4th place after a huge dig on the last lap. I am very pleased with my race and my condition right now. I am excited to continue training here in Victoria for another 3 weeks before I head to California to start a racing block off with the Bonelli HC event.

Check out these photos from the event. There were a ton of photographers out taking some amazing shots. Among them was Jay Wallace, a photographer from Vancouver Island, check out his images Jay Wallace – Island Images.

This group got blown up shortly after this photo was taken at the end of the first lap. Creative Credit: Rob Smith

This group got blown up shortly after this photo was taken at the end of the first lap. Photo Credit: Rob Smith


Getting lined up. Photo Credit: Jay Wallace

So awesome to have the early season support from Norco Bicycles out at the first race! Photo Credit: Pete Stace-Smith

2016-03-07 12.37.15

Team meeting early in the week leading up to the race.

Norco Factory Team Athletes Left to Right: Evan McNeely, Andrew LEsperance, Evan Guthrie, Peter Disera. Photo Credit: Pete Stace-Smith

Elite Men's Podium Photo Credit: Kevin Light - CBC Olympics

Elite Men’s Podium Photo Credit: Kevin Light – CBC Olympics


  1. TT says:

    Super solid start to a season of great experiences!

  2. Heidi says:

    Thanks for the update Lespy! Writing is good for you and good for us, too!
    Keep up the good work. Y’all are some of our favorite Canadians!

  3. Big T says:

    Way to kick off the season man!)

  4. Lambo says:

    So well deserved and earned! I’m going to pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and watch you tear the legs off 2016.

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