Fall Update

I have been busy at school for the past couple months (Wow it feels like I just started school) and I have not been on top of my blog. I have been crushing school, mostly, and training as much as possible. I have been racing cyclocross, both locally and down in America and I have really been enjoying it. I have started planning for my 2014 season and preparation has already started. The weather this week in Halifax looks super nice, I’m looking forward to a solid week of training!

Ideal CX 2

 Yesterday I raced the Cyclocross in the North End of Halifax put on by Cyclesmith and it was a blast. It’s so nice seeing all the up and coming riders along with everyone else just enjoying a muddy day on the bike. Check out these photo below, finishing with a smile on my face. Note: I still had braking at the end of this muddy race, discs are awesome!

Also, here is something you should check out, the promo video for the 2014 Norco Revolver hardtail that my teammates and I worked on in Monterey, California and Mont Tremblant, Quebec. See if you can figure out where each section is shot. ; )


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