Ontario World Champs

The first Ontario Cup MTB race of the year is always well attended in the Elite category and it always brings solid riders eager to start the mountain bike season off in Canada. Many of the top athletes are returning from training and racing campaigns that have started in the southern states.  This year the start line would be full with our National Champion DZ, and all the other top riders from Ontario, Quebec and…ahem Nova Scotia. The first O Cup usually takes place at a fast course, like almost road speed, this year the win was just shy of 25 km/h for an average speed

A few days out managers met and bets were made. Athletes were later informed of the expectations and their role within the team.

The race went very well for the team on the mens side, we finished with 4th,5th and 6th, with McNeely, myself and Disera;  in a very exclusive top 10. About halfway through the race the front group was 5 and McNeely and I both made this group. After another lap of racing I could not hold on over the climbs and I fell off the pace. I am really happy with where my form is right now and I’m excited to keep working hard in training to keep progressing throughout the season.

Also, huge congrats to my teammate and girlfriend Haley on her first elite O Cup win!

Check out the race report on Canadian Cyclist.

Instead of more words, I’m going to leave you with some photos from the race. Enjoy.

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