Rolling through the Fall into Winter

Here we go! Preparations for 2016 are well underway and I am really excited for the upcoming season. I made some big changes this past fall and I am confident that they will pay off on the race course. At the beginning of January myself and Evan McNeely drove from Toronto to Victoria over a few days. That was a fun experience and a nice way to start off the trip. The weather out here has been spot on for training. The rain keeps the trails fun and we can usually always find a window to ride without getting rained on. I am told by locals that it will only get better from here.

Check out some photos that I put together from the last few months (in no particular order). To those on the East Coast, I miss it and am not converted to the west coast yet. I’ll be back when the weather is better for training. If you are training with the WBL, train hard because shit is going to get real when I check back in the spring.



After a long, wet, muddy day of training on the trails I came out to this beach over looking the Sannich inlet. Sorry about the face.


Quick stop on a road ride with McSneaky. Riding across this road along the beach we discussed a hypothetical of what we would do if a real big wave came rolling towards us…the conversations when riding a bike.


Just missing Evan Guthrie. It is really cool that I will get to train and live with my teammates this winter. #trainwithfriends in Victoria, BC.


Model shot on the waterfront loop


We just finished driving 4439 km over 3 days and we were pretty excited to arrive on the island and start training! Shot taken on the ferry between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.


Artsy during some fun training in the fall finding dirt jumps and drops in the woods in the Valley. Gotta love sliding around the trails on dry leaves on a warm fall day.


Peggy’s with the Big Rig, riding the whale just as those who have come before us once did.


Road ride with this quick girls on the east coast


Evening of Christmas day 2015 after a family hike. Photo taken in Prospect village close to where I grew up.


E-Van 2.0 looking majestic in Montana, at home in her birth place. Imagine how many more of these they would have sold with this as a print ad.


Memorable ride from 2015, 14 degree day in November when I ignored work, training plans and got out to ride my bike with 5 of my friends. Aspotogan loop from Halifax, 150 km.


TT and Big Rig. TT supporting me from the beginning and Big Rig an awesome training partner for the past couple years.


“Yeah bro, 100 kg squat is basic, I do that after intervals. You think that 2000 W sprint comes from riding this rig? Naahhh.” -Da Burge

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