School’s Out

Schools out…forever! I am finished my degree and I am really happy about it. It is exciting to finish up something that I started five years ago. I have acquired skills, knowledge and experience that will help me throughout my life. They even gave me a ring to wear on my little finger of my working hand!


I got an Iron Ring

All my friends showing off the hardware

All my friends showing off the hardware

It was a challenging winter for me but I managed to get through it with a degree, some strength in my legs and a fun experience in my final semester. It was a constant balancing act with family, friends, school, training, and travel. I don’t think balance is really possible; I just try to be conscious of everything and everyone in my life and I did my best to spread my time out over it all. That being said, I am looking forward to spending more time on the family, friends and training side of things and putting school to the side.

Like I said I was in school all winter and that meant I was in Halifax. That meant a lot of time on the trainer, especially this winter. The trainer is a great tool, you can get really good, specific work done and you can do it in any weather.  With easy K out in the cold and time on the trainer and in the gym I was able to have a good winter of training. Additionally, I was fortunate to get away for a couple weeks to Victoria, BC for a training camp which was absolutely amazing. The island was good to me and I cannot wait to go back.


Days like this on the road got me though the long days in the basement on the trainer

Along with school and training I was also working with a couple fine gentlemen in Halifax that have supported me for a long time, and continue to do so. Terry Tomlin and Gavin Giles have been helping me with making connections, marketing, sponsorship and raising funds for the season. Terry has continued to support me with Oakley eyewear for the fifth year in a row. Gavin and his wife Denise Stirling have generously given $2500 toward my season. The cash and the product is great, but what I value more is that these individuals are behind me, that they believe in me and that makes it that much easier to put absolutely everything I have into training and racing my bike.

I got the opportunity to do that very thing this past weekend at the first Ontario Cup mountain bike race at Woodnewton. With new equipment and fresh kit racing for the Norco Factory Team I was able to come out with the win. I feel like this is my first really good mountain bike race in a little while and that is a nice feeling. I was happy with my race, not because of the result but because of the way I raced, my fitness and the focus I had for 5 laps of the fast, dusty course. For a really good, and entertaining race report check out my teammate McSneaky’s Blog. Haley won the Elite Women’s race against some tough competition while overcoming a first lap crash; real proud of her for that.

Now you are up to date with what is going on. I’ll have some news soon about my next race, the first Canada Cup in Mont Tremblant, along with an event that I am working on in Nova Scotia when I am home in a few weeks.

Enjoy the photos and thanks for reading.



Shredding the rock garden on the Woodnewton course. Credit: Rob Smith


Haley looks pretty cute #coupleswin Credit: Rob Smith

Woodnewton Podium 2015

Some nice gentlemen to share the podium with. Credit: Haley Smith

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