Norco Factory Team at St.Felicien

It got rowdy on the podium with the boys

Sharing the podium with your best bros and teammates after your first Canada Cup win is moment that I will remember for quite a while.

“Yo, Lespy, Shake ‘n Bake”, yelled Guthrie. I looked back and it was Guthrie and not far behind him was McNeely towards the end of lap 1. We all knew what to do.

That’s what happened, we had a gap on the field on the first lap and we poured it on for the next 5 laps and came into the finish together. We didn’t need to communicate that much, we took turns at the front and pushed each other at our limit to increase the gap. All I can say is that it was a very unique experience and something that doesn’t happen that often in the sport of mountain biking. We all had to be ON for it to work, and we were. I don’t think it was all luck though. The environment inside Norco Factory Team is no doubt a big part of our performance on the day. The Norco Revolvers charging beneath us also played a huge role. I am thankful for everyone and everything that made it happen.

Check out some photos from the weekend by myself and Caroline Gauthier.


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