Welcome to Lespy.ca and GranolaXAndrew

With the race report about Paris to Ancaster I have shown you my new website but I have not really introduced it yet. With help from Matt Allen and the team at Revolve I have a simple, beautiful and easy to use website and the brand LESPY that represents me. I cannot thank them enough for the help and the support to pursue my racing and share my stories.

This is going to be my new place for sharing writing and photos on racing, traveling, eating and living.  With features like a contact page you will be able to get in touch with me if you have questions about training in racing, or you just want to chat. All my 2014 sponsors are displayed on my partners page, these companies and the people behind them make it possible for me to travel and race with the best in the world.


Along with that, this is also going to be a platform for selling GranolaXAndrew. In the side bar on the home page you can click the picture of Granola and follow the step to get it on your breakfast table. This will be a way for me to fund my cycling and for you to eat well to fuel your days.

I will be updating my site weekly with writing and photos so bookmark it and enjoy.


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