Windham World Cup

It was an extremely dusty start to the race in Windham, New York. Credit: Jon Duncan

Again, at the Windham World Cup we were fortunate enough to have a camera around with a skilled photographer to shoot some gems. Check out some of my favorite images form the weekend from Norco Factory Team manager and boss camera bro Jon Duncan.

I wrote a post for our main sponsor, Norco Bicycles, on the racing at the Windham World Cup with rider perspectives from all the athletes. Here is the post about the Windham World Cup. Overall, it was another weekend that showed me all the progress I have made this year. I finished a lap down on the leaders, compared with two laps sown last year. I started really well at this race and went form 85th call up to high 40s after the start loop. I fell back from there but as I gain speed, experience and fitness, I know I will be able to put myself where I need to off the start for a strong finish. It is a process, as with most things that are worth it, it takes time, but these small steps towards brilliance are part of the journey.

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